Couple meets for the first time after dating long distance

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Couple meets for the first time after dating long distance

We will be celebrating eight years as husband and wife this year. Long distance relationship is quite difficult but it made us to stick to our promise to be faithful with each other, respect each other, understand each other and have patience that we can be together again.I'm just so blessed that my mother-in-law spent two weeks with us as soon as I arrived because I got homesick.Pearson and Gatwick airport have seen me at my absolute best and worst. It wasn't easy — there were a lot of text messages, emails, Skype / Face Time, hand-written cards, and flights back and forth for visits. So at the beginning it was only a friendship but with years, feelings took over. When I saw him at the airport, I knew he was the one. So now three and a half years later, he's here with me. My husband and I met on a game on Facebook called flirtable in April 2008.We got married in 2015 and we are currently going through the immigration process. And one day I took my courage and I bought an airline ticket to finally see him for the first time. We are happily married and we are trying to have a baby. We started chatting after that then lots of phone calls.We got married on January 6, 2017, so it's currently long distance marriage, but we are very good at keeping in touch and fortunate to have found each other.My husband and I met 10.5 years ago when My Space had come out.We met in Cold Lake, Alberta and moved numerous times across the country. Numerous care packages, love letters, emails, quick phone calls and Facebook have kept our love going strong.Deployments, courses, etc, are the toughest times for us. It doesn't get any easier when he walks out the door and says, "See you later" :( ❤My husband and I met in university here in Canada. I was in my final year of my program, and Morgan was doing an exchange.

We were together for almost three months before he had to go back to the UK.He decided to come to the Philippines in July 2008 to see me in person and it was his first trip outside Canada.We spent three weeks exploring our place and met a lot of my family and friends.He wasn't supposed to be on my flight, but was set to fly three days earlier but since he lost his passport, he had to take the next flight, which happened to be mine. Overall we spent only about six months together, and about a year separately.We are currently not living together as we are starting immigration process, and he works in Switzerland.

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Dating someone you met online wasn't popular then, like it is now.